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Warrior Trailer

April 26, 2011

Here is the new trailer for Warrior. It definitely looks a little bit like The Fighter (even the names sounds the same), but instead of boxing, this film will focus on the newly popularized sport of MMA. I’m very alright with that, since these fights can definitely be dramatic (plus it is insane that these guys actually cause each other as much pain as they do). What excites me most about this is the casting. The lead is Tom Hardy, who I have been following since his small but extremely memorable and hilarious roll as Handsom Bob in Guy Ritchie’s Rock’n’Rolla and one of my favorite films Layer Cake. Since then Mr. Hardy has been in a some great movies, including the Clockwork Orange-esk Bronson (incredible performance) and the tension breaker in Chris Nolan’s Inception. Warrior will bring Tom to a full sprint and an even stronger force in the American market as he is set to play in McG’s This Means War, the dramatic Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and, most notably, as the villain the third installment of the Batman series The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy’s brother will be played by little known Australian actor Joel Edgerton who was brilliant as the only likable brother from the Oscar nominated Animal Kingdom. These two will face off well against each other, and I can’t wait to see Tom Hardy pull off some ridiculous MMA moves. Plus, points for the always insane Nick Nolte being thrown in there as deadbeat dad/trainer. I’m excited, I’ll probably vow to learn MMA for the 100th after watching it also.

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