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Sympathy For Delicious

March 22, 2011

From what I can gather from this trailer, it seems like Orlando Bloom is a rising rock star and Dean O’Dwyer (played by newcomer Christopher Thornton) is a paralyzed guy who’s hands have the power to heal people, and instead of doing that he becomes a world famous wheelchair DJ with the help of Mr. Bloom. OK, I’ll admit that sounds insane and Orlando is definitely not my first choice for the leading man a movie these days. But the great Mark Ruffalo is making his directoral debut and I don’t want to miss that. Plus the rest of the cast looks pretty amazing. The concept and characters, at first glance at least, seems to fit or mesh with societies ‘hipster’ ideals; caring, but pretending not to care, and therefore possibly caring even more about everything, from culture to society, and just life in general, yet still doing nothing to fix what they see. I love the name also, a great play on Sympathy for the Devil. The film got great reviews from some, while some refused to sit through it. A film about faith and rock and roll usually doesn’t have a huge draw. I don’t think it will be coming to theaters around either of us anytime soon unfortunately. I guess I’m going to have to have to find some other way to syphon this movie. Expect a review from Ian the Movie Doctor sometime soon.

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