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Paranormal Activity 2

March 1, 2011

Due to all the work I had this week, my girlfriend and I decided to spend a night in to watch a few movies. So what is better for a night in then a bottle of wine and a scary movie to really get you out of your seat? That’s exactly why I picked up Paranormal Activity 2 at a Blockbuster Express kiosk the other night. I don’t have a great DVD player at home; it tends to skip a lot and get stuck multiple times through out a movie. Pauses are not something you want right in the middle of the scene in a horror movie with the intense building music, as the main character is creeping into the darkness while you are shaking your head knowing that the skinny white girl is about to get owned. So we were praying we would be cursing at my DVD player the entire time. Luckily for us, it was good and let us just be scared normally without being scared we were going to throw the remote at the player. I’ll admit I was slightly excited to see this movie. I thought that The Blair Witch Project was pretty awful, but as for the first Paranormal Activity, I would have to say it was pretty spine tingling. The premise was great and it actually looked like it was made by two people living in a home together. The first fil was a huge success, especially based on the return on investment (the movie was filmed for a shoe-string budget and returned $194 million worldwide, making it one of the most profitable movies ever made). At first I was pretty skeptical when they said they were making a second one, even though they did leave that option open based on the ending. That is why I didn’t go see it in theaters like I did the first. But I am happy to say I was pleasantly and surprisingly scared after watching the second Paranormal Activity.

Horror movies don’t normally scare me, unless they are well shot, don’t use overly gory gimmicks, and are actually well thought out or written. The Exorcist still terrifies me to this day (and to all of you who are sitting there saying, ‘The Exorcist, I laughed at,’ just think about the spider walk down the stairs (yeah now you are all, ‘well that was actually pretty scary’)). The first one in this series also did the trick for me. Paranormal Activity 2 definitely gave me a few of those scares. The movie starts about 6 months before the first movie ended. It focuses on Kirsti Rey, the sister of the main character Katie from the first film, and her whole family (husband: Dan, daughter: Ali, baby son: Hunter, dog: Dog). Very similar to the first film, this family also begins having strange disturbances in their home. After the family comes home to a trashed house but nothing missing, they install cameras all over the house (because camera’s catch ghosts all the time, haven’t you seen Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel?).

These guys can catch ghosts with only cameras and hair gel

Of course their crazy babysitter/house cleaner from South America or Haiti or someplace where they have mastered ghost detection recognizes whats going on and starts smoking out the house, because ghosts hate smoke. Unfortunately dads don’t like it when they come back home from dinner and their house looks like a Grateful Dead concert went down. So he fires her. But the curious daughter starts digging after she gets yelled at for getting locked outside of the house with her little brother still inside (of course it was really the spirit that closed the door when she walked out, but normally it would be because she was drunk and forgot that the parentals had grabbed the spare set of keys). With a little research, Ali and her emo boyfriend find out that if someone once made a deal with a demon, then that demon has the right to take the families first born son, which in their family line would be her little brother Hunter. Gotta love library books about ghosts, demons, and spirits.

This guy made a deal with the Devil and he became an awesome super hero. Sucks for suburban families with babies

Really now there is nothing they can do but wait for some crazy insane stuff to go down. It obviously runs in the mom’s, Kristi’s, side because she is Ali’s step mom. Plus most bad things run on the mom’s side (obesity, baldness, nagging. Just kidding mom, I love going bald). But Ali also reads that it is possible to pass the curse on to someone else in the family (hint, hint, first movie). Once Dan realizes that his crazy housekeeper wasn’t so crazy, he calls her up and they start smoking that place up like they were at Woodstock and Deep Purple was cranking out Smoke On The Water (did they even play at Woodstock?). But just as you guessed, that demon ain’t backing down to a little smoke. I won’t ruin the explosive part of the movie for you, but it’s worth it. The end ties the first film one in so well, and there are some really chilling, hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-sticking-up parts. Plus Dan learns once and for all, that when there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who do you call? Not Martine the extremely nice but not so good cook housekeeper that you fired a week ago. You call these guys…

Or these guys…

Just not this lady…

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