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When Harry Met Sally

February 21, 2011

So to make up for the last, completely un-Valentines Day-esk posting, I wanted to follow it up with something light hearted and feel good. Enter When Harry Met Sally. After watching Manhattan while I was at work on Valentines Day, and only feeling the love from older, balding men, my girlfriend convinced me to put on this classic rom-com when we got home from our amazing night out. Mind you, there was a bottle of champagne next to us so I didn’t watch most of this movie. But I did remember liking Billy Chrystal’s man-antics so I decided to give it a gander while I had my wits. And call me soft, call me lady-like, call me what you must, but this Rob Reiner film hit the spot more then almost any romantic comedy I have seen. I definitely should have watched this on the old V-Day instead, because it does make you feel the love. I normally don’t like Meg Ryan, but I think that is just because she has played every role the same way she played this one, but you can never do it better then the original. On the other hand, Billy Chrystal has always been a favorite. Definitely a better representation of New York then his uptown counterpart Woody Allen.

The poster for this movie asks the questions, “Can two friends sleep together and still love each other in the morning?” I wouldn’t that this quote is totally inaccurate about the relationship between the main characters, but it is a bit more complicated then that. Crystal and Ryan first meet when they are in college. Ryan’s character, Sally Albright, agrees to drive Harry Burns (Crystal) to New York after they both graduate from the University of Chicago. They have a slightly insignificant drive except for the point that Harry makes about women and men never being able to be friends without having some sense of sexual tension between each other. I somewhat agree with this sentiment, at least at the beginning of relationships between men and women, but eventually, unlike these two typical movie characters, two people of the oposite gender can grow to be just friends.


Harry and Sally part ways after the ride, with Sally slightly disgusted with Harry, and Harry slightly bored with Sally. For this point the movie jumps between random encounters the two have with each other, first on an airplane, and then I forget where. But eventually the two realize they are just going to keep running each other even though there were about 5 million people living in NYC at the time. So they just say screw it, lets be friends, even though the whole time they are flirting with each other and jealous of each others significant others. At some point in this time Meg Ryan has a giant fake orgasm in the middle of a crowded to diner to prove her point that women can always fake an orgasm while Billy Crystal sits across the table from her getting his mid blown.

Billy Crystal is the one that has been faking it

The two go back and for about whether to be friends or to just get it over and fake orgasm each other. They end up choosing the latter, which just makes things even weird between them because they don’t know how to bridge the “just friend” territory. Cue lonely montages, and warm cuddly make up sequence, with some great Billy Crystal “must-prove-that-I-love-her” lines, and the movie actually comes off as a well done romantic comedy. The banter between the two is actually enjoyable, and for the most part anyone that has been in a close friend-ish relationship that they wanted something more out of can relate to the two characters dilemmas. Plus it actually is a great movie to watch with a significant other because it is not too uncomfortable, the girls love it, and its not a bad hour and a half script. I definitely should have watched this on Valentines Day instead. And now to make myself feel more manly I’m going to go drink some of this Powerthirst and play sports all day…

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