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Who I Am…

January 25, 2011

In order for you out there to better understand how I get my perspective on the movies that I watch I think it is important to tell you a little about how I watch them and what I like to watch. I’m pretty busy, but in between being busy I have a lot of free time, or at least what I consider to be free time. I’m a full time student and I work in a clothing store for about 25-30 hours a week. That may seem like a lot (and if it doesn’t then you suck and are an overachiever), but while I’m at work I tend to be standing behind a counter for hours on end waiting for someone to walk in so I can attempt to sell the polite and quirky residents of Cambridge and Boston corduroy pants and bow ties. It’s during that time I like to throw a movie on to take my mind off of the mundane 3 hours in front of me. But people do come in, the garbage must be taken out, and lunch must be bought, so  the movie tends to get broken up into about 1,000 different viewing sessions. But I still seem to fit a movie into that time frame.

If I can’t fit one in at work I always have some time when I get home to cool down from my trip home, which is probably the most frustrating drive possible. Somewhere in between wanting to light every car with a Massachusetts license plate on fire and stumbling online for four hours instead of doing my homework, I’ll finish that movie or watch another one (depending on how much work I don’t want to do and how much is due 12 hours from then). I have a pretty massive DVD collection, but I mostly try and catch new movies. I use Netflix watch instantly and scroll through the hundreds of random 80’s movies till I find one that looks funny enough or good enough to commit some time to (looking forward to Johnny Mnemonic featuring ‘The One’ himself Keanu Reeves).

Otherwise I opt out of the ‘legal’ methods and, being a true college student, torrent a movie or stream it it from some ridiculous site where the quality looks like it was Charlie Chaplin filmed it on a hand cranked camera before uploading it online for my viewing pleasure. Sorry for being a pirate everyone, but I look great in an eye-patch, so then again “I’m sorry, I’m not sorry.” (By the way, through out this blog I will insert movie quotes that probably me and five other people in the world will be able to pick up on so if you miss a few here and there, I wouldn’t worry about it, you’ll get the next one champ).

I love going to the movies too. Everyone thinks it’s a dying business because of DVR and torrents and On-Demand websites, but I disagree. The best analogy I heard is the comparison of movies to the watching of sports. There are channels devoted to showing every sport that you would care to watch. You can watch your favorite team in every single game they play  from every angle and hear what every ‘expert’ has to say about the game. But people have not stopped going to the stadiums. It is a different experience all together. And just like a good movie packs in a crowd, the Yankees fan attendance seems to be doing just fine. However the comparison works on the negative side as well. Just as a hot dog and a beer costs $20 at a baseball game, the prices of a medium soda and a pop corn are ridiculously absorbent. I hate giving all my money to people who clearly don’t want to be working at a movie theater, while asking me every time if I wan’t a large for an extra fifty cents. If I wanted a large, thats exactly what I would have ordered. Why are movie theaters the only places that asks that question? We’ll have to return to that later…

In terms of my taste in movie, I would have to say that I don’t really have one. Of course Bruce Willis’ steely-eyed stare down the barrel of a gun as he utters an amazingly cheesy and perfectly delivered line to the evil genius just before he rocks his world lights up my screen all the time. And I do have a weak spot for 80’s/90’s action flicks, Point Break being one of the greatest movies ever. But I will be the first to admit that Love Actually and (500) Days of Summer have found their way into my DVD case. Good movies are good movies, and sometimes even bad movies are good movies for certain reasons (Point Break for example). Maybe all the movies I watch aren’t up to the standards of Ebert and Roeper, but who really wants to watch the most of depressing movies of the year that are guaranteed to win at the Academy Award and undoubtedly make most people want to end it all on the spot? Not me. So if you’d rather read about uptight, boring, overly emotional, critically acclaimed cinematic cry-fests, go read read a different blog and try to avoid guns while watching 21 Grams for the sixth time.

That is a little about me, movies, pirates, and Keanu Reeves. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of who I am, what I like, dislike, and why I think about movies the way I do. Hope you enjoy what I have to say…

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