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What am I doing here…

January 24, 2011

Hello fellow internet explorers, procrastinators, movie enthusiasts and bored people. I am Ian and I like movies. I may like movies a little bit too much. I’ll watch any movie that is put in front of me, even bad ones just so I have something to make fun of later. I tend to constantly have a movie on, no matter where I am (in class, while driving, hiking, sleeping, etc.). I also tend to talk about movies constantly, which may or may not drive people insane. Unfortunately for those that don’t like it, I don’t really care and why are you reading this?

Unlike my usual lazy self, I have decided to turn my addiction into into something productive (as much as you can while sitting on a computer while watching a movie). As the name of this blog’s witty title suggests, I will watch one movie everyday (and hopefully stay out of the doctors office). After doing so, you will get to hear all about the movie, my thoughts, lame jokes, a whole bunch or spoilers, and everything else you want to hear about the intersection of movies and my life. So, appropriately, in the words of the Joker, “heerrreeee we go!”

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